Friday, 7 December 2007

If Telecom grew a pair ...

Telecom could do with someone in their top seat with the balls of the man in the top seat of Telstra Australia.  While Telecom meekly comply with the diktats of Broadcasting Obergruppenfuehrer Herr von Cunliffe (tugging their forelocks in obeisance to He Who Runs the Show as they scramble to dismember themselves as commanded and  make their network available to all comers) Telstra's Sol Trujillo (left) openly derides Kevin Rudd's election-promised "partnership" to build an across-Australian broadband network, calling it a "kumbaya, holding hands" theory.  It might have been an election promise, but looks like no- one stopped to ask the company supposedly being partnered.  Says Trujillo: "We are only going to participate in the things that we own and control."

Mr Trujillo, firmly backed yesterday by chairman Donald McGauchie, said Telstra was happy to invest $4 billion or more of its own money rather than the taxpayers' - but only on its terms and pricing.

Perhaps it's appropriate that Trujillo was brought up in the country in which the word 'cojones' was invented.


  1. I am delighted to here those comments from the Chief Executive of Telsta.

    Always been a bit suspicious of the chap due to him being..ummmm...'foreign'..but..gosh! this is excellent!

    PM Rudd seems hell bent on following Whitlam into the valley of death...and demanding a company spend billions of dollars on an arguably unnecessary project, is one way to get there!

  2. Opps...I see a spelling error.

    That was meant to be 'hear'..*BLUSHES*

  3. Surely this is the approach that Telecom tried and they got firmly smacked with barely a whimper from shareholders and other interests who should have been very concerned at the precedent.

    The shareholders assn was notably quiet as they seem more interested in publicity events at AGMs than the theft of property rights.


  4. shareholders assn

    Agree, Bruce Sheppard and his stunners from the shareholders assn, should have raised their concerns and protested hard against the government's interference in Telecom's properties.

  5. Isn't Trujillo an American? I never picked you for an anti-American, Elijah...

  6. Opps...I see a spelling error.

    That's what made you blush? How about the comment judging Trujillo based on his foreign pedigree? It says a lot more than your spelling does.

  7. "Trujillo sounds like a fuzzy-wuzzy, Cap'n Mainwaring!"

    This creature will start posting in earnest now that PC's influence is on the rise with the MSM. He will post this sort of thing, interspersed with stuff like "Great minds think alike PC!" to legitimise his position and associations.

    Don't say u weren't warned homey-g.

  8. Labor need to control the pricing in order to ensure that the services will be affordable to their supporters.

    Giving one company a monopoly over the investment in infrastructure is a sure way to make sure they can not.

  9. Oh dear...seems a difficult choice as to whom to hand the "Mangey Maggot Award For The Week" to...but there we are.

    Had not realised he was American, I must view of his name I just assumed he was..ummmm...'foreign' (if you know what I mean?)

    Still he is to be applauded for his stand againt the Labor Government....he is alone in doing so.

  10. Elijah, as a gay man you'd think you'd be more understanding than most about why it's stupid to discriminate against a group based on illogical grounds.

    He's a bit 'foreign'? So being born in a different country to yours is some kind of deficit? Why?

    How refreshing it is to see a company with some real cojones!

  11. Kiwicrog...actually, no, I do not "understand".

    I am not a 'victim', do not have the 'professional victim' mentality and have never been discriminated against.

    Some of us have high levels of self confidence where that sort of thing never happens :P

  12. Ah, yes. Telstra. They'll play hardball and see what they can negotiate. They know that in the end Rudd'll get his way, but Telstra will get as much out of the deal as they can.


  13. Don't you get it, Elijah?
    "as a gay man"....that's supposed to determine your view of politics, economics, the universe and everything.
    Didn't you get the memo?

  14. Kg,

    Don't be thick.

    My point being that gay people often get idiots with similar mindsets to Elijah judging them for something that has no relevance to the quality of their character. It doesn't take a "victim mindset" to get beaten up for being gay...

    So I suppose I thought that being part of an oft persecuted minority would make someone less likely to be an idiot racist.

    But sure, believe what you want, I think I can pick everything someone should think based on one fact about them.,.. Oh and Elijah is expressing sensible political views about the inferiority of those damn browinies.


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