Saturday, 29 December 2007

Eight for '08

Uncle Trev tagged me to post my eight wishes for 2008. I've confined myself to politics.

  1. For the disquiet about Nanny State and the EFB that is now all but bubbling under to reach a tipping point, erupting into nationwide outrage against the onslaught of Nanny's soft fascism -- and widespread and insistent demands to beat the bitch back.
  2. For New Zealand's Labour-Lite party to find a pair and come out with genuine policies promoting capitalist acts between consenting adults -- or that are even just a tiny bit more radical than those now advanced by Australia's new Labour Prime Minister.
  3. For ACT (the "liberal" party) to promote policies actually based upon its founding principles; for the Maori and Green Parties to discover property rights; for Jim Neanderton, Winstone Peters and Peter Dung to be rejected by Wigram, Tauranga and Ohariu voters respectively, so that we never hear their ego-driven whining again.
  4. For would-be Libz supporters to realise that it's about ideas, stupid; and for several Libz candidates to put together significant war chests for well-focussed, widely publicised constituency campaigns, by which New Zealanders discover the twin values of liberty and reason, and principled policies promoting same head to parliament.
  5. For Alan Bollard to realise that inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon -- and that it's his hand on the handle of the printing presses.
  6. For Ron Paul supporters to realise that Gen Petraeus is winning in Iraq and that George Bush did not fly those planes into the World Trade Center; to rediscover Thomas Jefferson's policy on the Barbary Coast pirates and to take to heart the words of President Madison once the Barbary war was finally won (America's first victory over Islamic terrorists), to whit: “It is a settled policy of America, that as peace is better than war, war is better than tribute. The United States, while they wish for war with no nation, will buy peace with none.”
  7. For warmists and the pro-warmist media to finally realise that the planet stopped warming in 1998, that climate models are as accurate as crystal balls, and that Al Bore and the IPCC emperors really don't have any clothes.
  8. For American Objectivists to realise that the anti-human environmentalists and death-worshipping Islamic totalitarians in our faces are a more direct and imminent danger than are the right wing religionists they insist are under the bed.
And finally, a hope almost beyond hope for the demise of lies, spin and spin doctors, and the rise and rise of open and honest straight talking instead.

. . . I'm tagging, um, Callum, Scott, Woolfie, Graham, PhilAndLuke and MikeE and to post their own hopes for 2008 -- if they aren't out there somewhere well beyond civilisation and internet coverage as they should be at this time of year.

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Friday, 28 December 2007

Elections 2008

Oswald managed to snare a copy of next year's election ballot paper, as authorised by Helen Clark's chief of staff (and snaffled by ZenTiger).

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Digital 'Free Radical' open for business

I'm very happy to announce that the injury-delayed digital edition of the new Free Radical is now available for download here at the Free Radical store.

(My very warm thanks to webmaestro William Green for climbing out of what fortunately wasn't his death bed to do the necessaries.) Tags:

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Best of NOT PC in 2007

Rather than nominate my own Best Post of 2007, I'm following the lead of the SubStandard and inviting you lot to nominate your favourite Not PC post of the past year. Just leave a note in the comments section below, if you'd be so kind. I'd love to know what you've enjoyed most, and why.

UPDATE: Just noticed the SubStandard boasting that since its August start, it's gone from tens to hundred and now "thousands" of readers ever day. Thousands? Really? With an Alexs rating of just 533,395 that puts it above Jordan Carter's pathetic rating of 989,176, but well below this blog's 345,207 -- which I'm happy to say attracts on average just over a thousand a day when it's properly in business. That's a single thousand, not several thousand. (Some comparative ratings are here.)

So the SubStandard is not just substandard, it's also prone to boastful lies -- just like the politicians on whose behalf the SubStandard so regularly lies.


Holiday radio

You might like to know that thinking radio hasn't died altogether for the summer. Lindsay Perigo is on Radio Live afternoons until some time next week.

You can check frequencies or listen online at the Radio Live website.

Benazir Bhutto, 1953-2007 (updated)

In some places political candidates are chosen in free and fair elections.  New Zealand used to be one of those places.

In other places such as Pakistan however, they seem to prefer assassination:

Two months after her triumphant return from exile, a lone gunman fired several shots at Bhutto as she left an election rally in Rawalpindi, hitting her in the neck and chest. Seconds later a fireball caused by a suicide bomb engulfed her bulletproof car and killed at least 20 supporters. The former prime minister was rushed to a nearby hospital where distraught supporters burst through doors, smashed windows and tried to storm into the operating theatre where surgeons struggled to save her life. She was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

Initial suspicions for the attack fell on Islamist militants who had previously threatened to kill the 54-year-old scion of Pakistan's greatest political dynasty. [Source: Guardian]

Note the suspected perpetrators? 

The news of Bhutto's barbaric assassination and the slaughter of twenty others rather overshadows the news of even more Islamist barbarity from Afghanistan, where according to Amnesty International's 2007 Report on Afghanistan there was a rise in cases of so-called “honour” killings of women. [Source: Abdulhadhi Hairan, GROUND REPORT]

UPDATE 1: Poneke looks at how since partition India has worked out way, way better than Pakistan.  The reason?  One's a secular state.  The other isn't.  Guess which one is rife with poverty, violence and Islamist training camps, and (now that it's abandoned its pathetic earlier addiction to socialism) which one is the coming economic tiger. [Hat tip DPF]

UPDATE 2: Christopher Hitchens pens a magnificent eulogy to Benazir Bhutto here.  Her courage, he says, "could sometimes have been worthy of a finer cause, and many of the problems she claimed to solve were partly of her own making. Nonetheless, she perhaps did have a hint of destiny about her."  And her murderers?

Who knows who did this deed? It is grotesque, of course, that the murder should have occurred in Rawalpindi, the garrison town of the Pakistani military elite and the site of Flashman's Hotel. It is as if she had been slain on a visit to West Point or Quantico. But it's hard to construct any cui bono analysis on which Gen. Pervez Musharraf is the beneficiary of her death. The likeliest culprit is the al-Qaida/Taliban axis, perhaps with some assistance from its many covert and not-so-covert sympathizers in the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence. These were the people at whom she had been pointing the finger since the huge bomb that devastated her welcome-home motorcade on Oct. 18. Tags:

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Temperatures rising. Not.

Just dropped back in to pass on some news I thought you'd be interested to hear:

With only few days remaining in 2007, the indications are the global temperature for this year is the same as that for 2006 – there has been no warming over the 12 months.

But is this just a blip in the ever upward trend you may ask? No.

The fact is that the global temperature of 2007 is statistically the same as 2006 as well as every year since 2001. Global warming has, temporarily or permanently, ceased. [Source: New Statesman magazine]

I figured you needed to hear that.  Shame the politicians, warmists and other assorted jackasses still haven't learned that, as David Whitehouse says, "if temperatures across the world are not increasing as they should according to the fundamental theory behind global warming [then] something else is happening and it is vital that we find out what or else we may spend hundreds of billions of [dollars] needlessly." 

Delete the word "may" in that last sentence. 

Why not join with Frank Furedi and JimHopkins in making a 'New Year's revolution' to make 2008 the year to challenge the Politics of Apocalypse.

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