Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Enough hyperbole!

Enough hyperbole! Here’s Gene Callahan on the eviction from Wall Street’s Zuccotti Park last night of the #OccupyWallStreet mob:

Should the protesters have been evicted? I don't know. Did the police sometimes use too much force? Most likely. But is evicting the protesters a "Gestapo" tactic? Only in the most fevered of imaginations. These people were continuously breaking the law for two months. The place was filthy, the protesters were disruptive to neighbors and small businesses in the area, cabs could not pass through lower Manhattan, and so on. After two months of law-breaking, the police came and told them to leave. Only if they refused were they arrested.
That is one really restrained "Gestapo"!

To which I can only add that the protestors were complaining last night about the rights in “their” property being abused, while for the last two months their occupation has taken away the rights of the park owners.

Whatever the veracity of their ideas < cough > < cough >, their consistency is admirable.

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