Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Whangarei event

"Fed up? Can't see the point in voting? Sick of supporting peddlers of big lies and empty promises?" asked Helen Hughes, activist, sculptress, grandmother and Libertarianz candidate for Whangarei.  “Then how about joining me and the growing number of voters who feel let down by their elected representatives.”

As part of her election campaign, Hughes has arranged a meeting for that growing number of dismayed, disheartened and disgruntled voters:

5.30pm Thursday 17 November
Northland Craft Trust pottery room
21 Selwyn Avenue, Whangarei

"I am the only candidate in Whangarei who is standing up for your rights. Libertarianz is the only party in New Zealand consistently advocating freedom and individual rights." said Hughes.

Come along and chat with the the only honest politician you’ll meet in Northland this year.


  1. Hooch is still alive?...who knew.

  2. Well, we did, I guess.

    Working hard, teaching pottery, producing great sculptures, ... and she's in Auckland on Sunday too for a BBQ and more campaigning.

    So make that alive AND kicking.

  3. Looking forward to it!

  4. I just hadn't seen or heard anything from her for years since the glory days of the PI show.....(And boy could we do with that back on air again.)

  5. Ditto comments above.
    Did Helen ever write up her "conversion" experience to libertarianism from not-lib' ~always thought would have been useful for coming up with a template for converting others.

  6. Reporting back: It was a great meeting! Hooch was in fine form.

    @Anonymous: Re 'conversion' - I'll ask her. She's coming down to Auckland and will be at a Libz BBQ on Sunday.


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