Tuesday, 4 December 2012

High fibre

Yet another flagship National government project is going down the toilet, and you are going to made to pick up the slack.

There is huge demand for high-speed fibre broadband, said the government in its election platform, such demand that only a government fibre network can satisfy it.

Yet when the government price-fixer in chief, the Communist Commission, declares it intends to cut the price that Telecom Chorus can charge customers on its existing copper network by one dollar a month, a panicky Prime Minister declareS he’s ready to legislate to make sure that wouldn’t happen!

Prime Minister John Key says the decision could … prove problematic for the ultra-fast broadband network because consumers could be discouraged from switching from copper to fibre.

If one dollar a month is enough to prove so “problematic” for his pet project, so problematic the PM wants to price-fix the price fixers, this might suggest to you just how sound an “investment” he thinks his pet project really is.

[Hat tip Gavin B.]

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